CMC--Food Grade
CMC-- Industrial grade
CMC-- Ceramics grade
CMC-- papermaking grade
CMC--For Oil Drilling
Tripolyglycerol monostearates


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         Yixing Tongda chemical Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer, researcher and developer of Chemicals. At present, we mainly produce all kinds of "YuanYuan" CMC products, with the annual output of 5, 000 tons. Our products are used in dairy products, beverage,food,toothpaste,textile,building pottery,medicine,reagent,papermaking,oil drilling,detergent,tobacco and battery etc. Our products are highly appraised by our customers all over the world for

Fine product quality and good service.
         At the end of 2006, Yixing Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd. founded Binhai Licheng Chemical Co., Ltd. in 擸anhai industrial zone of Jiangsu Binhai Economic Development Park in Binhai County, Jiangsu province. Covering an area of 60mu, Licheng started to trail production at the middle third of July, 2008 and put into production firmly at the late of July, 2008. At present, Licheng can produce 10,000 tons of CMC and PAC (all grades) every year.
         There are rigorous managerial style inside our company , and we are close related to the famous institutes of China; meanwhile, through adopting the advanced production technology and first-class qualified personnel , we have installed modernized managing system and ISO9002 quality system in our company. Now, the company enjoys excellent reputation. Honest and safe,the sincere spirit of cooperation and the precise spirit of service are the keys to the success of our company.
         Following the customers' demands, we will supply you with quality product and competitive price. We sincerely thank friends for caring and supporting our business. Tongda looks forward to cooperating with you for bright future.

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